Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Plans in 2014

Welcome to the year 2014! WoWiWe Instruction Co has an eventful year lined up, starting with a major content module for the Virtual Cell and the fulfillment of our Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Grant (TBEG).

WoWiWe has seen a lot of interest from teachers in our TBEG-sponsored plan for free Virtual Cell licenses. We're wrapping up the first phase of recruitment right now with an eye towards launching these classrooms in early February. It's not too late to contact us to inquire about free Virtual Cell for your school!

Later this spring, WoWiWe will also update the Virtual Cell with our next content module: Osmosis! We've been testing it extensively over the past couple of months and we're excited to show everybody what we've cooked up. This module expands on the single-organelle content from Photosynthesis and Respiration with a simplified view of how organelle problems can affect the cell at large. The player must repair osmosis in a desiccated plant cell, creating a salt gradient to convince water to return.

In other, can't-discuss-them-openly-yet plans, WoWiWe has also looked back at the portfolio of previous games our contributors have worked on at NDSU and how to update them for the modern student. We've had early discussions about two of last decade's educational games receiving the same treatment that Virtual Cell was given. Watch for more announcements here in the coming months!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WoWiWe Awarded Phase 2 TBEG Grant

Good news for WoWiWe Instruction Co this week; we received word that our Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Grant (TBEG) was approved! This project will put Virtual Cell in front of thousands of students at local and underserved schools, schools that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience our game.

We always welcome the chance to put Virtual Cell in front of new eyes; WoWiWe gains useful feedback from every new player! Each teacher helps us improve our classroom support, and each student helps polish the gameplay.

We thank the North Dakota Department of Commerce for accepting our proposal, and the NDSU Technology Incubator for shepherding us through the process. Expect more good news in the Spring of 2014 as this project gains steam.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Electron Transport Challenge Now Available for Smartphones and Tablets

Electron Transport Challenge, WoWiWe's educational minigame about the electron transport chain, is now available on three major app stores for 99 cents! Find it for your favorite device from Google Play, iOS App Store, or at Amazon.

The WoWiWe Virtual Cell's Electron Transport Challenge is a puzzle game where the objective is to rebuild an electron transport chain inside a mitochondria by moving and aligning proteins. When enough chains are functioning properly, energy production becomes steady enough to win the level.

Electron Transport Challenge is also available within WoWiWe's flagship product for PC and Mac, Virtual Cell. Virtual Cell teaches students about the inner workings of a plant cell, including the electron transport chain, photosynthesis, and osmosis.